Welcome to Jetty 8 - REMOTE ACCESS!!

This is the Test webapp for the Jetty 8 HTTP Server and Servlet Container. For more information about Jetty, please visit our website or documentation. Commercial support for Jetty is available via webtide.

This test context serves several demo filters and servlets that are not safe for deployment on the internet, since (by design) they contain cross domain scripting vulnerabilities and reveal private information. This page is displayed because you have accessed this context from a non local IP address.

You can disable the remote address checking by editing contexts/test.d/override-web.xml, uncommenting the definition of the TestFilter, and changing the "remote" init parameter to "true".

This webapp is deployed in $JETTY_HOME/webapp/test.war and configured by $JETTY_HOME/contexts/test.xml and $JETTY_HOME/contexts/test.d/override-web.xml